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Moon Magic
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Moon Magic
Throughout The Year

Certain spells work better at specific times of the year. The following list,
based around 'Tree Months' of the Celtic calendar,
show you when your spells have the most power

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Elder Moon
(25 Nov - 23 Dec)
The last full Moon of the year represents completeness. Cast spells dealing with closure, and take stock of what you have achieved.

Birch Moon
(24 Dec - 20 Jan)
At the begging of the year, concentrate on new begginings. Ask for good luck in whatever the coming year brings, and focus on what you want to achieve.

Rowan Moon
(21 Jan - 17 Feb)
Spells involving communication and psychic connections work well at this time of year..

Ash Moon
(18 Feb - 17 Mar)
Love Spells and loved ones should be most in your thoughts, it's no coincidence that Valentine's day falls close to this month

Alder Moon
(18 Mar - 14 Apr)
Spells to aid successin your business and learning ventures work well at this time of year. Sow the seeds for your success around now

Willow Moon
(15 Apr - 12 May)
Focus on bringing someone round to your way of thinking. Attract love or a new job, or aim to make a good first impression.

Hawthorn Moon
(13 May - 9 June)
Focus on keeping a barrier between you and things you don't want. Aim to oush away old problems and irritations

Oak Moon
(10 Jun - 7 Jul)
Growth and fertility spells work best at this time of the year. Focus on building your wisdom, endurance and security.

Holly Moon
(8 Jul - 4 Aug)
As the days shorten after summer solstice and the Moon grows in power, focus on putting bad situations behind you.

Hazel Moon
5 Aug - 1 Sept)
This is the best time of the year to focus on gaining wisdom and absorbing knowledge. Cast spells to heighten your senses and concentration.

Vine Moon
2 Sept - 29 Sept)
This is a good time to reap the rewards of all your endeavours, dont give up hope that you will succeed in things you are trying.

Ivy Moon
(30 Sept - 27 Oct)
As the winter months move in, you'll need to improve your resilience and tenacity. Spells for good health are best worked at this time of year.

Reed Moon
(28 Oct - 24 Nov)
In the depth of winter you need to recharge your energy. As you tend to stay indoors a lot during the cold winter months, this is a good time to both focus on and bless your own home.


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