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Giving you a further insight into what I'm about, not too scary I hope,
After all, I don't stick pins in flutterbye's for nuffin you know,

Joking apart, I don't really harm flutterbye's,
As with all wiccan's, I'm sure they never intentionally harm other creatures

My Daughter,
Seana Marie
when she was younger,She has now
made me a Grandmother lol
To Callum Jay

And this is my Partners Little one,
Lauren Jade,
She's a right little Madam :o)

We have Moved to Hampshire now from Yorkshire, I was brought up in Lancashire though, We are now not far from Stonehenge and Avebury Circle, out of the two though We prefer Avebury, you can get right up to the stones, and it covers a larger area.  I have alway's believed in the wiccan religion, even though my Mother was and is totally against the Idea, she used to destroy any book's I had, even some I got from the school library once lol, I got into a fair bit of trouble for that off the teachers hehehe, but that was along time ago now, My elder Sister is also a Wiccan, keeps it on the quiet a bit though till she visits, then it's Tarot Cards out and up all night, We don't see each other much now though due to the distance,  So if you have a Question about anything, just post it on the  Question and Answer Board I'm sure I can find an answer somewhere, or someone else could who's viewing the board maybe! 

I've alway's been "a little psychic", seeing my family or friends having accidents before they happen, sometimes they are so real, it's like they have already happened, one instance that really spooked my family was when my brother was involved in a near fatal accident, I was in the hospital myself at the time it happened, I was allowed out early to go to the hospital he was admitted to, we where staying in the family room, as he was in I.C, and we were told he wasn't going to survive, I was sleeping as I was still a bit offside at the time, while I was sleeping, I could see myself at the side of my brother's bed, making him get up and "go see the family", we walked down the corridor, and had a peek through the window to the room and stood there laughing because they didn't know we where there, I told him we'd better get him back to bed, as he'd be tired, When I woke up my mum went mad at me, because I was laughing in my sleep, and she and my sister where worried because they kept seeing shadows go past the window, but when they went into the corridor there was no one there, I told them about my "dream" and that David was going to be O.K,  which was returned with a slap and a lot of tears from her, as he was under sedation he was so badly injured, they thought he'd smashed all his teeth out at the accident, but later realized it was bits of his skull, he still had his teeth, just not where they where supposed to be, anyway, he started to improve, so they cut down on his sedation, to see how he coped, when he came round enough to communicate with us, he was asking to get out of bed, my Sister was telling him he couldn't as his legs where all pinned up, he became annoyed with her because he'd been "walking around" with me, he told her we had been watching them through the window of the room we were staying in (which he couldn't have known we were at the time), he has made a great recovery now, he forgets things sometimes and his legs ache if he walks to much, but other than that, he's great, and I got an apology for the slap, lol

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